sábado, 18 de abril de 2009

electronic voting machines and democracy

There are several perspectives on the current controversy surrounding electronic voting systems in Democracy. While many computer specialists argue that the results from such systems are unverifiable and vulnerable to tampering, others are strongly consider it as a powerful tools with many advantages if proper implementation take place. Part of the appeal of electronic voting machines is that they can enable blind and disabled people to vote secretly. Tens of thousands of these e-Voting methods are now being deployed across the world.
The state of e-voting, however, is still at dawn. There is the need of an international forum, that may offer a mutual cooperation to which some of the pioneering nations can bring the past experiences in developing the e-voting system together. This mutual learning process is hoped to be a significant milestone for the progress of electronic democracy in the coming years.
As, in potential flaws may exist in this system, but it may give a tool to spread the use of real democracy back to the people of many nations by reducing the cost of constant and regular referendums, which my have the power to produce a law. The people realy rules it self.

domingo, 29 de junho de 2008

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